What is an Accredited Credible Leadership Organization or ACLO?

  • An ACLO is a criminal justice organization nationally recognized as a leader in Ethical Development of all personnel within their agency.


* Why should my Sheriff’s Department become an Accredited Credible Leadership Organization?

  • An ACLO is an organization recognized by the community as credible, trustworthy and accomplished.
  • Accredited Credible Leadership Organizations will see a reduction in citizen complaints and reduce risks associated with personnel digressions.


* Is there a cost to become a fully Accredited Credible Leadership Organization?

  • Yes there is an expenditure that covers administrative costs and the onsite review process.


* Once my Department becomes an Accredited Credible Leadership Organization is it permanent?

  • The accreditation duration is for a three year period.  As long as your organization has 50% of personnel recognized as Certified Credible Leaders you are eligible to be re-accredited as an ACLO every three years.