Certified Field Commander (CFC)

The Certified Fied Commander (CFC)  is designed for those who wish to be certified and recognized at the international level.  To apply for the Field Command certification, an individual must:

  • Successfully complete 65 hours of on-line Field Command and Sound Doctrine training provided by IAPS.
    • The course guides the public safety professional in the processes and procedures involved in making sound planning and tactical operation and emergency and disaster responses decisions.  The course also reviews the science of field command.  This course is delivered in a blended format which combines online and classroom interactive experiences.
  • Attend and actively participate in a three-day Field Command training workshop to practice and demonstrate tactical operations and incident response skills and command decision-making.Be in good standing with their agency, verified by the agency.
  • Letter from his/her organizational senior executive recommending the individual to attend this course.
  • Successfully pass practical demonstration exercises and pass a written exam with a minimum score of 80 percent. This certification carries with it the responsibilities, honors and privileges of professional accomplishment with international recognition.  Successful candidates receive:
  • Lapel Pin – A Field Command lapel insignia (uniform pin).
  • Certificate – An 11×14 professional certification signed by the executives of the CJC-CLD suitable for framing.
  • Letter of Accomplishment – A letter of accomplishment recognizing the individual as a Field Commander and having completed all the requirements of the rating.