Credible Leadership Change Agent (CCL-4)

The  Four Star Certified Credible Leader (Credible Leadership Change Agent  – CCL-4)  is designed for those who wish to be certified and recognized as a Coach, Facilitator, and Change Agent at the international level. The following standards are recommended to apply for Four Star Credible Leadership certification:

  • Have successfully completed the Institute for Credible Leadership Development curriculum:
    • Phase I – Foundation & Principles
    • Phase II –Theories & Practices
    • Phase III – Application & Advancement
    • Phase IV – Competency & Mastery
  • Be in good standing with their agency, verified by the agency
  • Other enhancements to the portfolio may include but are not limited to:
    • Projects – Projects for improvement, within the organization or community or both.  Include each project proposal including any outcomes
    • Volunteering – Describe volunteer experiences, especially leadership roles, in the agency or community
    • Letters of accomplishment – Letters by supervisors or others observing your leadership performance
    • Recognition of skills – Certified coach, facilitator or change agent written verification and explanation of skills application
  • Have the competency and skills to instruct others in-person by demonstrating all the skills studied in IAPS Phase IV – Competency & Mastery
  • Provide a Leadership Competency Portfolio.  The following items are recommended and others can be added:
    • Work history – This is an itemized listing and brief explanation of work accomplishments
    • Leadership development – Include a recent Career Leadership Development Plan
    • Letters of recommendation – A minimum of three letters is recommended
    • Awards – List of commendations and awards
    • Continuing training, education and professional development – List leadership training, professional development experiences, formal training and education.  Having or progress toward a degree will also be considered.
  • Authorship – Written articles which may discuss leadership, change, team building and organization development or any relevant topic

This certification carries with it the responsibilities, honors and privileges of a professional accomplishment with international recognition.  This includes the designation of CCL-IV Star to mention after his/her name and to wear the CCL – Four Star lapel insignia.  Successful candidates receive:

  • Lapel Pin – A Certified Credible Leader Four Star lapel insignia (uniform pin).
  • Certificate – An 11×14 professional certification signed by the executives of the CJC-CLD suitable for framing.
  • Letter of Accomplishment – A letter of accomplishment recognizing the individual as a CCL Four Star Credible Leader and having completed all the requirements of the rating.