The International Academy of Public Safety and its Criminal Justice Commission on Credible Leadership Development (CJC~CLD) do not warrant that the programs or associated examination certify an agency or a candidate’s ethical leadership and decision making behaviors in any context.

Furthermore, nothing about the programs or the associated examinations are intended to replace, override, or conflict with licensing, requirements, standards, promotions, or training, development and enhancements or any agency (local, regional, or national) regardless of jurisdictions.

Moreover, IAPS and CJC~CLD do not warrant that participation in or use of any of their programs, certifications, and resources will guarantee successful leadership and operations. Nor do they warrant that all information presented in all of the programs is non-contradictory.  Leadership is a very broad construct and has been developing for centuries.  They company will do its testing contradictory, out-of-date, or inaccurate information.