About Us 2

CJC-01 (1)The Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJCCLD®) is an alliance of men and women with dynamic qualifications in leadership and experience developing leaders in Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military disciplines.   The Commissioners are veteran professionals in Academia, Criminal Justice, and the Military.  The Commission  is responsible for Credible Leadership certification, recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality which reflects an organization’s and an individual’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.


Vision Statement:  The Commission will elevate the quality and competency levels of ethical leadership in efforts to promote justice, equity, service and peace in public safety organizations through education, certification, and recognition of competency-based skills.  The outcomes we seek to create and measure are improved work place environments and safer communities for healthy living.

Mission Statement:  The overarching mission is the professionalization of leadership in justice and public safety. Similar to the processes in which doctors, lawyers, etc., are certified to practice, leaders are comparably certified in the fields of justice and public safety.  To accomplish this mission the CJCCLD will educate and certify personnel in Credible Leadership so that leaders share a common language and develop the following leadership knowledge and skills:

  • values clarification,
  • ethical and moral decision-making,
  • theories and effective leadership practices,
  • self-leadership and self-actualization,
  • interpersonal communication,
  • coaching, mentoring and problem-solving,
  • individual and team development,
  • organizational strategy design, planning and implementation,
  • organizational development,
  • personal, cultural and professional socialization processes,
  • knowledge, innovation and change management, and
  • a culture of continuous improvement.

Outcomes of the Mission:  Certified Credible Leaders will be equipped with leadership knowledge, skills, dispositions, and competence regardless of position, rank and file, and as early as possible in their careers. Measurable results will verify the effectiveness of their preparation, renewal, growth and development.

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1:  To form partnerships, networks and coalitions with criminal justice agencies and build a solid “Credible Leadership” culture that promotes authenticity, competence. health and a reduction in liabilities.
Goal 2:  To educate criminal justice professionals regardless of rank (or position for civilian staff) on ethics, morals, leadership principles, theories, practices and skills.
Goal 3:  To examine and recognize “Credible Leaders” who want to be certified at any rank or level, both sworn and non-sworn.
Goal 4:  To enhance the clarity of an agency’s mission and strategic goals.
Goal 5:  To foster and support an agency’s continuous improvement strategies for readiness and service delivery.
Goal 6: To encourage and lead inter-agency cooperation for crime and disorder reduction.
Goal 7:  To provide opportunities and learning tools for leaders to receive ongoing feedback on their leadership performance.
Goal 8:  To encourage and implement a futures perspective in planning to become more proactive in anticipating and preparing to meet future challenges.


Please click here to download the Commission’s Bylaws.