About Us

Launched February 1, 2014, the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJC-CLD®) is an alliance of men and women with dynamic qualifications in personal leadership and experience developing leaders in law enforcement, corrections and military disciplines. The Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Board of Advisors are veteran professionals in the fields of criminal justice, the military and academia. The CJC-CLD is responsible for qualifying and endorsing Credible Leadership Organizations (CLO) and training Certified Credible Leaders (CCL). These designations are recognized internationally as symbols of quality reflecting an organization’s and an individual’s commitment to meeting CJC-CLD ethical and performance standards.

Vision Statement:  Credible Leaders reaching their potential personally, at work and with the community
IMG_7021The CJC-CLD seeks to enhance the quality and competency of ethical leadership and organizational purpose that embraces and effects justice, equity, service and peace to all constituencies. These objectives are accomplished through education, certification, recognition and continuous development of ethical leaders and through the organizational delivery of efficient and effective services. A CCL is expected to approach his or her career based on having a solid Moral Compass. Individuals must be self-aware, practice the highest moral standards and lead a life adhering to high ethical values. A CLO is expected to continuously evolve and measurably improve the culture and intellect of the workplace. This is evidenced through the development of personnel who inspire those around them and are dedicated to making their organizations more professional, productive and synonymous with security for the communities in which they practice.

Mission Statement:  Enhance leadership professionalism and organizational effectiveness in public safety

Similar to the processes in which professionals in other disciplines become certified to practice, personnel within a CLO are certified as leaders in public safety. To accomplish this mission the CJC-CLD recognizes, educates and certifies personnel in credible leadership skills, knowledge and abilities. CCLs share a common language and are both competent and confident in the practical demonstration of the qualities and skills necessary to succeed as a credible leader. These qualities are exemplified by:

  • ethical and moral decision-making
  • embracing leadership theories and effective leadership practices
  • demonstrating personal leadership and to realize full personal potential
  • employing effective interpersonal communication skills
  • coaching, mentoring and problem-solving abilities
  • continuous development of individuals, problem solving teams and instituting an organizational culture of community service
  • continuous improvements in organizational strategy design, planning and implementation
  • implementation of personal, cultural and professional socialization processes
  • adopting  knowledge, innovation and change management
  • promoting a culture of continuous improvement

Core Values:  WE believe every officer of justice and public safety is a leader

  • WE believe in a moral compass to guide us, especially when others are not looking.
  • WE believe in the public safety servant-leader.
  • WE believe in the visions and missions of our clients.
  • WE believe our main task is to strengthen people who then strengthen the organization that strengthens their community.
  • WE believe our work is that of cultural change based on making long-lasting friendships with our clients as the foundation of helping create credible organizations and leaders.
  • WE believe our clients can create lasting and positive legacies for their organizations and communities.
  • WE believe public safety organizations can partner with and lead their communities to be better places in which to live.
  • WE believe everyone serving in public safety can be a leader and has an ever-increasing opportunity to enhance their skills and effectiveness in whatever they do.

Strategic Goals: The overall goal of the CJC-CLD is community betterment based on the local Credible Leadership Organization and its Certified Credible Leaders.  Organizations will be encouraged to continuously develop their credible leaders and enhance the organization’s ability to deliver its services to meet if not surpass the expectations and needs of those they serve.  Certified Credible Leaders will be equipped with leadership knowledge, skills and competencies regardless of position or rank and as early as possible in their careers.  Credible leaders, as a result of their training will be encouraged to continuously improve themselves and contribute to how their organizations function.  Measurable organizational and community impact will verify the effectiveness of credible leader preparation, renewal, growth and development.  Likewise, measureable results will verify organizational effectiveness in working with the community as exemplified by the following goals.

  •  A culture of credible leadership – Build a culture that promotes authenticity, competence, health that strives to reduce the potential of legal and financial liabilities.
  • Clear missions – Enhance the clarity of an organization’s mission and strategic goals with all constituencies.
  • Futures-based planning – Encourage and implement a futures-based and proactive environment which prepares the organization and the individual to plan for and meet challenges.
  • Continuous improvement – Foster and support an organization’s continuous improvement strategy for mission readiness and service delivery.
  • Build business and programmatic permanency – Construct business and client processes and programs to be permanent and adaptable recognizing the dynamic nature of public safety.
  • Ethical education – Educate public safety professionals, regardless of rank, status or classification, to practice ethical and moral behavior, leadership principles, theories, practices and skills.
  • CLO endorsement – Endorse organizations that meet the requirements of a Credible Leadership Organization.
  • CCL certification – Identify and assess Credible Leaders who want to become certified.
  • Inter-agency partnerships – Encourage leadership of inter-agency networks of partnerships for crime and disorder reduction and community betterment.
  • Measureable results – Measurably improve individuals, organizations and communities impact.
  • Feedback on performance – Provide opportunities and learning tools for personnel to receive ongoing feedback on their leadership performance.
  • Technical assistance – Provide professional, timely and expert technical assistance to develop the capacity to build holistic staff development.

The criminal justice profession is more complex, challenging and technically oriented than ever before. This reality will continue to compound in an environment of continued austerity, transparency and heightened expectations from elected officials and especially from the citizenry. It is paramount that public safety leadership provide knowledge, skills and tools that strengthen professionalism, authenticity, leadership, ethical practices and accountability, while setting new research-based standards of individual leadership performance.   Public safety professionals must prepare themselves and be supported by their organizations to meet the demands of the future  that will be met by ethical and capable leadership from the bottom-up.